Into Their Future

A modest recreation of the surprise felt upon seeing the book

The 'mess rehearsal': plotting anatomical geography at the workshop.

Here's to the future, 

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This week I had a wonderful surprise when I saw my work on the cover of the Forest School's annual book of achievements and accomplishments. The work was commissioned by the Old Foresters' Club to adorn, and commemorate, the school's brand new building: the Martin Centre for Innovation

In keeping with the spirit of the building, I wanted to create a symbol of youthful aspiration: A boy and girl transcending limitation through sheer strength of will. The gap between them is bridged by the school's latin motto translatable as 'heart of oak'. I'm sure that the Martin Centre will help develop the pioneers of the future and am grateful that my work is a part of their present.

The finished piece in the Forest School's Martin Centre for Innovation