My Loyal Apprentice...

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Six years ago, I adopted Moriarty Patrick Boyle from Chilterns Dog Rescue in Buckinghamshire.

He was old even then but a great fire still burns within him. He's his own man and knows what he wants and when he wants it. Nothing pleases him more than a car journey and woe betide me if I leave without him. My sculpture and tools are always safe with 'Arty' on patrol (he thinks he’s a Rottweiler, despite his 6” long legs!). Tennis balls and sticks must accompany us on any journey and if there’s a lake, canal or stream for a quick swim, all the better! 

Arty is a talented beggar and will gaze, pleadingly, at me until I succumb and share a scrap of sandwich! His eyes are old now with hints of cataract, he thinks twice about walking in the dark. He's happiest by my side, while I work, and the best company on a long day in the studio. He is a fixture in my workspace. He is my loyal apprentice.

If you're considering a furry addition to your family, please do consider adopting a rescue. It might be one of the best decisions you make this year!

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A Private View: Lorenzo Quinn

I met the debonaire Lorenzo Quinn at his private view in Halcyon Gallery, Mayfair on Wednesday evening. How we laughed when I showed him an image of my Cherish...

He has a similar one, he said, and showed me The Four Loves. His piece appears grander than mine though, mounted on a silver jigsaw globe, which in turn is precariously balanced on a heap of stones. I had a crick in my neck, gazing up at it!

Lorenzo Quinn's  The Four Loves  at  Halcyon Gallery

Lorenzo Quinn's The Four Loves at Halcyon Gallery

Beautifully executed though... *cough* I’m off to the coast to find some large pebbles! 

Watershed moment for Ireland

The Catholic Church in Ireland has to hear the call of the people for a re-examination of the Church’s teachings on sexuality. Last week, Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of gay marriage and became the first country in the world to do so. Well done Ireland!

Most importantly I want to pay tribute to an amazing woman aged 93 from Co. Donegal, now living  in Co. Kerry, who was first to the polls last Thursday morning to place her YES vote. I am so proud of you Mam, for your objectivity and love for others.

Mary Boyle happens to be my lovely mother and biggest fan.  Last year she paid a visit to Terminal 5 Fine Art Gallery to see my work.

The Vatican must open their eyes.  If their 93 year old devout disciples are vociferous for change, shouldn’t they be sitting up and taking heed?

Optimistic for the future,

Dublin Can Be Heaven, with Coffee at Eleven…

A stroll down Stephen’s Green with my sister Jenn took us to the well- known Oscar Wilde sculpture, which overlooks Merrion Square, where he lived with his family once.

 This work of art is a geological masterpiece, being hewn from five different rock types, by sculptor Danny Osborne. Hats off to you Comrade, if I may I be so bold!...Igneous rock from Norway, Jade from the Yucon , Canada, black granite from India and quartz from the Wicklow mountains, no less. The quartz is the great big lump our Genius is sitting on…35 tonnes apparently!

Whatever about the global diversity of rock types involved, the ebullient colours fetched from said rock is mesmerising. One would struggle to believe that these vibrant colours, are  natural stone hewn from our earth, but most fitting for the clothing for our vibrantly witty Wilde.

Another stroll down Mespil Road along the banks of the Canal, took us to a seat, where I sat and doffed my hat to a Verdigris bespectacled Gentleman, legs crossed, deep in thought.  The Poet Patrick Kavanagh and I shared a solitary moment in the Dublin sunshine. But I  couldn’t leave it at that. I had to share my joy with him.  My good friend and Poet, Tess Adams was runner up in the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award Competition 2014. The President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins presented her with her prize.  Paddy Kavanagh was speechless in his admiration for Tess.  He crossed his legs the other way…..I think! 

Into Their Future

A modest recreation of the surprise felt upon seeing the book

The 'mess rehearsal': plotting anatomical geography at the workshop.

Here's to the future, 

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This week I had a wonderful surprise when I saw my work on the cover of the Forest School's annual book of achievements and accomplishments. The work was commissioned by the Old Foresters' Club to adorn, and commemorate, the school's brand new building: the Martin Centre for Innovation

In keeping with the spirit of the building, I wanted to create a symbol of youthful aspiration: A boy and girl transcending limitation through sheer strength of will. The gap between them is bridged by the school's latin motto translatable as 'heart of oak'. I'm sure that the Martin Centre will help develop the pioneers of the future and am grateful that my work is a part of their present.

The finished piece in the Forest School's Martin Centre for Innovation