Watershed moment for Ireland

The Catholic Church in Ireland has to hear the call of the people for a re-examination of the Church’s teachings on sexuality. Last week, Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of gay marriage and became the first country in the world to do so. Well done Ireland!

Most importantly I want to pay tribute to an amazing woman aged 93 from Co. Donegal, now living  in Co. Kerry, who was first to the polls last Thursday morning to place her YES vote. I am so proud of you Mam, for your objectivity and love for others.

Mary Boyle happens to be my lovely mother and biggest fan.  Last year she paid a visit to Terminal 5 Fine Art Gallery to see my work.

The Vatican must open their eyes.  If their 93 year old devout disciples are vociferous for change, shouldn’t they be sitting up and taking heed?

Optimistic for the future,