Dublin Can Be Heaven, with Coffee at Eleven…

A stroll down Stephen’s Green with my sister Jenn took us to the well- known Oscar Wilde sculpture, which overlooks Merrion Square, where he lived with his family once.

 This work of art is a geological masterpiece, being hewn from five different rock types, by sculptor Danny Osborne. Hats off to you Comrade, if I may I be so bold!...Igneous rock from Norway, Jade from the Yucon , Canada, black granite from India and quartz from the Wicklow mountains, no less. The quartz is the great big lump our Genius is sitting on…35 tonnes apparently!

Whatever about the global diversity of rock types involved, the ebullient colours fetched from said rock is mesmerising. One would struggle to believe that these vibrant colours, are  natural stone hewn from our earth, but most fitting for the clothing for our vibrantly witty Wilde.

Another stroll down Mespil Road along the banks of the Canal, took us to a seat, where I sat and doffed my hat to a Verdigris bespectacled Gentleman, legs crossed, deep in thought.  The Poet Patrick Kavanagh and I shared a solitary moment in the Dublin sunshine. But I  couldn’t leave it at that. I had to share my joy with him.  My good friend and Poet, Tess Adams was runner up in the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award Competition 2014. The President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins presented her with her prize.  Paddy Kavanagh was speechless in his admiration for Tess.  He crossed his legs the other way…..I think!